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Facing criminal charges can be a frightening and confusing experience. With so many potential consequences and a lasting impact on your future on the line, turning to an experienced lawyer for assistance combating the charges can be a vital step in limiting the damage caused by a conviction.

At The Robinson Law Firm P.C., our attorneys work diligently to limit the damage caused by criminal charges. With nearly a decade of experience defending clients in St. Clair County, against misdemeanor and felony charges, our firm is able to address even the most serious and complex charges, ranging from assault and battery to sex offenses and assault with a deadly weapon.

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Our experience in the Jackson area court rooms allows us to offer informative advice on your charges, your options for defending yourself and what to expect from the proceedings before you. Our office is able to offer effective and affordable defense against various charges, including:

If you are being charged with a crime, it is vital to hire an attorney as quickly as possible to avoid making any kind of admission of guilt or doing anything else to aid the prosecution in building their case against you. Our staff offers the comprehensive advice you need to effectively avoid offering the prosecution further leverage, and will carefully examine the case against you for weaknesses that can be exploited to your benefit.

We are well versed in negotiating satisfactory plea arrangements, but will assertively defend you in court should an acceptable plea not be possible.


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Facing DUI charges in Alabama can be a challenging and frightening experience. DUI offenders face mandatory license suspension, possible jail time, community service, drug and alcohol education programs, and steep fines. The social and personal consequences of a DUI can also greatly impact your life as you must deal with the increased insurance premiums, limited career options, and social stigma that are associated with a DUI conviction. When facing DUI charges, it is often wise to consult an experienced lawyer for advice on combating the penalties associated with a conviction.

At The Robinson Law Firm, P.C., our attorney leverages to offer effective DUI representation to clients in the St. Clair County and surrounding areas. Dedicated to helping you protect your wallet, your freedom and your future from these charges, our staff works diligently to examine the prosecution's case for weaknesses or discrepancies that can be exploited in your favor. Our knowledge of St. Clair County courts, prosecutors and judges offers us the ability to provide the advice you need to make informed decisions on your defense.

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